domingo, 6 de outubro de 2013

Wow! What a help desk... only not! The case of ScholarOne!

Well, it seems Thompson and Reuters are over their head. I had a problem sending a revision of a manuscript submitted to a journal that uses the ScholarOne service. Yesterday was the last day to do it. Only the ScholarOne system decided that Saturday, 05-10-2013... was not Saturday, 05-10-2013!

As a result, I couldn't submit the revision. I just lost the date because of their system.

Of course, I immediately contacted their Get Help Now. Well, do you read the NOW in it? Me too!!! Only the Now is more like Tomorrow.

I received a letter TODAY (24h later) of someone from the system support group that was limited to tell me the obvious, the date has passed, and didn't offer any solution beyond that I should contact the journal's editor.

This is just ridiculous!!!! I did not lose the date because I was not on time. It happened because of their system fail!!!! They should solve it!!!! If the due date is day X up to 11:59PM EST... the system should be open until that time!!!!

Is this Thompson and Reuters treatment for the people who provide the means for them to gain money?